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Guide to Independent Living in Arizona

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Guide to Independent Living in Arizona

The Grand Canyon State is a popular place to retire thanks to its great health care, beautiful parks and world-renowned golf courses. Arizona is home to over 7 million residents, and about 18% of them are aged 65 and over. The state is moderately tax-friendly toward retirees, as it does not tax Social Security income. However, it does tax withdrawals from retirement accounts. Seniors living in Arizona enjoy an average of 286 days of sunshine each year, giving them plenty of time to partake in all the outdoor activities available.

There are a number of independent living communities for seniors to chose from throughout the state. Independent living is best suited to active seniors who are still capable of living on their own without assistance. These communities provide easy access to medical services, dining options and entertainment or activities. Some communities also offer housekeeping and transportation services.

This guide provides a basic overview of independent living in Arizona. Read on to find out about the costs of independent living in Arizona and nearby states, the costs of alternative care options, how to pay for independent living and a list of free resources for seniors in the state. 

How Much Does Independent Living Cost in Arizona?

Note:There currently isn’t authoritative data on the average cost of Independent Living Facilities nationwide, so instead, we use the cost of Assisted Living to estimate it. Since the cost of Independent Living is typically 30-40% lower than the cost of Assisted Living, the numbers below were calculated by subtracting 35% from the cost of Assisted Living as reported in the 2021 Genworth Cost of Care Survey.

Independent living in Arizona costs an average of $2,600 per month, which is $325 below the national average of $2,925. Communities in the neighboring states of California and New Mexico tend to be more expensive at $3,413 and $2,924, respectively. Average costs are slightly lower in Nevada ($2,438) and Utah ($2,275) in comparison to Arizona.

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