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5 Types of home buyers and how to sell to them…

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5 Types of home buyers and how to sell to them…

But real estate is rarely so straightforward. Sometimes it feels like each buyer is completely unique, and maybe they are. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile to consider some archetypes—typical examples of a certain kind of homebuyer—as a way to strategize and connect with prospects.

The Opportunist
These buyers are spontaneous and excited about the homebuying process—it might be a neighborhood, a promotion, or even a single listing that’s caught their attention, but they’ve found something that means the time is right to purchase a new property.

The Opportunist is doing their own thing. They aren’t being led by logic and might not even have a fully realized plan.

When looking to connect with The Opportunist, making a first impression is key. You’ll want to demonstrate the immediate benefits of your services using clear, simple, and direct messaging. Often, guarantees and warranties can work to reassure these buyers, and countdowns or limited-time-only offers can go a long way toward creating a sense of urgency that you can both share.

The Enterpriser
The Enterpriser is a competitive buyer—a high-achiever who expects efficiency and effective presentation from the professionals and properties they’re associated with.

These buyers often begin their search looking for businesses or agents that demonstrate a high level of achievement in their market. They’ll want to see if your own growth and success fits well with theirs. The

Enterpriser wants to see the work you’ve done in the past—and how your business differs from your competitors.

The Romantic
These prospective buyers are invested in the narrative of their homebuying experience. Whether they have set expectations around buying their first home or are feeling nostalgia for the homes they’ve purchased in the past, The Romantic responds well to stories.

When it comes to connecting with The Romantic, you can always rely on testimonials that show the part you played in the homebuying experience of others. Even better, if you can offer a look behind the curtain—a glimpse into your philosophy, your business, your self—it offers The Romantic an idea of how you’ll fit into the story they’re trying to write for themselves.

Authenticity and thoughtful gestures go a long way with these buyers—and ensure that if and when they are looking for their next home, they can’t imagine the process without your help.

The Nitpicker
The Nitpicker has high standards and expectations for the homebuying process. They may not be certain of exactly what they want from both their prospective property and the process it takes to get from contact to contract to close, but they know exactly what they don’t want—and will usually tell you.

It may feel like you have your work cut out for you with the Nitpicker. But there are advantages to working with any buyer, as well as disadvantages—The Nitpicker is confident and invested in the process, and while they might be meticulous about what you’ve said to them throughout their home search, it means they’re listening to your guidance.

It’s important to ensure that you speak deliberately to The Nitpicker—big promises and boasting are going to hurt you more than help you when it comes to these buyers. And just remember—if you ever feel like it’s impossible meet The Nitpicker’s standards, it might be that case that it is impossible.

The Soloist
Right there with The Nitpicker is The Soloist—this buyer does not want your help. They’re savvy and certain and used to sorting things out on their own. They might end up reaching out on the advice of someone close to them who has been through the homebuying process, or maybe they’ve hit a bump in the road they’re struggling to overcome, but it’s likely that it wasn’t their first thought to find an agent.

When you’re trying to connect with The Soloist, it’s important to rely on facts and figures that more or less speak for themselves—the numbers that show your skill and superiority as an agent . If you have a way to demonstrate to clients that you have information that’s useful—and that they couldn’t access on their own—you should. Any evidence you have of why you’re worth working with will help soothe The Soloist’s urge to ditch you and do it themselves.

The odds are that you see all of these buyers, and more—and the odds are even better that you see buyers that don’t fit strictly into one single category.

See what we can do to help you find—and work with—all the types of buyers out there.

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