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5 Real Estate Selling Tips To WOW Buyers Home Selling Tip

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It is no secret that a well staged home will usually sell faster and for more money than one that hasn’t been staged.  However, staging your home doesn’t have to require a hefty investment.  In fact, your best resource could be your agent since they know what sells homes and what turns Buyers away.

That’s why I always do a walkthtrough with my Sellers to show them things that I think should be changed to make their home more Buyer friendly and offer tips that will give it the Buyer WOW factor.  I’ve learned it is a fine line I walk when doing this with my Sellers–many don’t understand why a Buyer won’t love their home as much as they do.

Simply put, they won’t.  They want a home that has been depersonalized to the extent that they can envision themselves in the space.  Not an easy task when we live our lives surrounded by the things we love.

Keep in mind that Buyers will decide within minutes of clearing the front door whether your house is the one for them.  This means you don’t have much time to impress a Buyer.  I can usually tell within seconds of bringing a Buyer into a house whether it will be “the one”.


While there are many factors that you can’t change about your home in order to please a Buyer–for instance the neighborhood, the floor plan or your view–there are others that you can and should focus on improving.  Let’s say there is a Buyer that wants only your neighborhood, your floor plan and the view is perfect.  In this highly competitive market, most likely yours isn’t the only that fits their criteria.   So, how do you make yours stand out from the competition and WOW that Buyer?

Here are 5 tips that will definitely push your home to the top of a Buyers’ list:

  • I love the song “Accentuate The Positive”, and that’s exactly what you must do when selling.  Think back to when you bought your house–what was the one big WOW factor that pushed you to buy that particular one?   Perhaps it was the view.  If that’s the case then make sure your windows are clean as can be so the Buyer will fall in love with your view.  The lyrics of the song also say to “eliminate the negative”.  Put on your Buyers hat and take a critical look at your house–is there something that jumps out at you that needs to be fixed, painted, cleaned or replaced?  Do it before Buyers see your home.
  • FountainWe experience our world through our 5 senses and Buyers do the same when touring your home, especially in the areas of sight, smell, and hearing.  It is nearly impossible for a Seller to know what their home smells like to an outsider.  So ask your agent, or someone you trust to let you know.  The worst thing you can do is go out and buy heavy air fresheners–Buyers will think you are covering up something unpleasant or you may trigger an allergic reaction…either way you’ve turned off the Buyer.  I recommend a light vanilla scent if you decide you need an air freshener.  Cooking smells linger so if you’ve had fish for dinner and there is a showing the next day, open the windows and air out your house.  If traffic noise is a problem, buy a water fountain..the sound of water is always preferable to the sound of cars and, as an added benefit, it has an harmonizing effect on a home.
  • Dining RoomLet the light shine in.  Light sells, which is why when you walk into a model home all of the lights are on and the blinds are open.  People feel better in a light environment than in a dark one.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had Buyers tell me that they like a house because it is filled with light.  I know it is tempting on a hot Arizona day to want to close the blinds to make the house cooler…don’t do it if there is a chance it is going to be shown.  Plus, many agents won’t take the time to open blinds and turn on lights when showing a house, especially if it isn’t their listing.  So keep this in mind when your house is on the market–it should always be ready to be shown at a moment’s notice and you want it to be shown in the best possible light conditions.
  • Clutter eats equity and space sells.  This should be your mantra when putting your house on the market.  Do yourself a favor and start packing–it will help you to begin to release your house emotionally and will allow Buyers to feel themselves in your space.  Box up all those extras that are on the mantel, tables and counters.  If necessary, remove excess furniture and take out all those pictures of your children and grandchildren.  When selling, you must make your house a blank slate that is ready for a Buyer to make it their own.
  • Make your house as clean as can be.  Nothing shows better than a sparkling and clean smelling house.  Do a deep cleaning…this means drawers, cabinets, closets, windows–every square inch of your home.  Use this opportunity to get rid of things you haven’t used in the past year, box up items that you don’t need currently, and clear out enough space for Buyers to be able to imagine their own belongings in your house.  Taking the time to go through every part of your house will pay dividends especially if you repair, touch-up, and/or paint the areas that need attention.  Don’t forget about the outside of your home.  Did you know that most Buyers will first do a “drive-by” when deciding whether to take a look at the inside of your home?  That’s why curb appeal is so important when your house is on the market.

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